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Songwriting and cool guitar arrangements

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Peter Sund (Denmark)

Teacher: Peter Sund, Denmark

You are: a singer-songwriter that wants to write some new songs and improve your guitar playing at the same time. You need to bring:
• An acoustic guitar – with a capo, a 1/2 capo, a pick.
• Pen and paper
• Your phone as a recorder.
You need to prepare in advance: Your own original song for the first “song-circle” and presentation.

Beginners to advanced experts are welcome… we can all learn new stuff and learn from each other.
The purpose of this weeklong workshop is to write some new cool songs, using new ideas for acoustic guitar arrangements as the driver for songwriting inspiration.
The group will meet up each morning at 10 for a 2 hours guitar and songwriting workshop.
Each day we’ll cover a new approach to acoustic guitar accompaniment for your new song.
The workshop will be aimed at your level of playing, so both beginners and advanced players are welcome.


The workshop will cover:

• Playing with the half-capo (There’s always a whole song in a half-capo)
• 3-4 alternative tunings (Drop D, Open G, Open D, DADGAD, Triple C)
• Technial stuff… Playing with a pick, playing with your fingers…
• Light music theory and harmony
• To learn a few songs for inspiration
• … and we’ll listen to music


We’ll also do some songwriting kickoff tips & trix…

• Flow writing – getting your pen to move
• Steeling from the masters (without being cought)
• Writing from a title
After the morning group session – you’ll team up in small groups of 2-3 persons.
I’ll make the teams, and everybody will write with everybody.
You can organize the rest of your day as you like, so remember to get lunch, go for a walk and go for a swim… But at 17.00-19.00 we meet up in a “song-circle”, listen to the new songs, and I’ll give feedback.

The evening is your own – nice dinner in Lendas or just hanging at the house…
I’ll also bring some recording equipment, so each group will end up with a demo of their new song. We’ll use the last day for recording, small concerts, and dinner with the group.


Peter Sund (48): guitar player, music producer and singer-songwriter.
Artist with Lunau&Sund (7 albums) www.lunau-sund.dk
Music producer and recording studio owner at The Farm Music, www.thefarm-music.com. More than 300 songs on Spotify with me as a producer, guitar player, mixer or recording engineer.

Educated at The Royal Academy of Music (DK) and Musicians Institude (London).


The price for the workshop is 570 euros. It includes transfer Heraklion Airport–Lendas, both ways. (If you fly to another airport than Hereklion it will cost extra.) If you prefer to arrange transfer on your own (e.g. renting a car) the price for the workshop is 410 euros. When you book the workshop (se link below) you also pay a booking fee of 100 euros, which is part of the payment for the workshop.
As soon as we have enough participants to confirm the workshop we will let you know, so that you can pay the remaining part – and book a flight to Crete.
Rent a room at Lendas East Hill

The retreat center Lendas East Hill is situated in a quiet place between the mountains on the southern coast of Crete, just 400 meters from the sea. On our workshops we can offer accommodation for up to 10 people in our guest rooms. Special price for participants at workshops, from 23 euros per night (in shared room) to 28 euros (single room). When our rooms are fully booked, there are many nice hotels nearby. You will find more information about the rooms and how to book workshop and when you follow the link below.



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